OK Now For Something Completely Different….

This is the experiment: This release is available on all the regular shops at regular prices and the standard artist/ label deal, but is also available via Bandcamp where YOU decide how much you pay, HALF goes to CHARITY, 25 % to the ARTIST, and 25% to the LABEL, that’s it.

So if you purchase via Bandcamp instead of Beatport, iTunes, etc taking half of the money, half of it goes to Doctors Without Borders, a non-political charity that sends doctors to places where people need help and other people are afraid to go. You are also able to pay nothing if you so chose.

Purchase VIA Bandcamp & Decide Your Own Price @ Bandcamp

Purchase VIA Beatport & Shit @ Beatport

More About The Charity Part: So 50% of anything we get from the Bandcamp “Sales” will go to Läkare Utan Gränser (Doctors Without Borders). They are a non-political group that sends doctors to places where they do not have resources or that are too dangerous for normal aid services, which we thought was a pretty noble cause. We will post up receipts each month for the donations so you can see how you are contributing not just to the music scene but to helping the world.

Visit Their Homepage

Back To 1999 – Dolgener – Free Release!!!

Hey Kiddies we know you work hard for your money but still want to hear kickass music, so here is some summer maddness from us to you for just the sake of love!!!

Back To 1999 – Dolgener – Free Release! by Unofficial Records

Please support the artists who worked hard for this free release!

Matt Bussehttp://soundcloud.com/matt-busse
Wrong Numberhttp://soundcloud.com/wrong-number


Newcomers VS Underground Masters EP/ VA

Oooooh Yeah!!! We got tracks from 4 new kids on the block and hooked them up with remixes from the masters of the underground, and this monster of an EP is the result! Support these guys for their strong work keeping that underground sound alive!

Newcomers VS Underground Masterrs VA by Unofficial Records

Unofficial Records Labelnight – Mixes from GO!DIVA, Hackler & Kuch, + Matt Busse

April 7, 2012 Unofficial Records artists deliver their darkest techno bombs to the crowd at Loop38. Thanks to Freakouts Events for putting on an awesome party for us to rock!

Freakouts Events pres Unofficial Records Labelnight by Unofficial Records

Elbodrop – Anonymous

Elbodrop and fellow remixers GO!DIVA, Microcheep & Mollo, Wrong Number for massive techno destruction!

Anonymous – Elbodrop by Unofficial Records

Who digs Anonymous?

D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix / Elektrax) – Fantastic original mix!
John 00 Fleming (J00F) - This whole package is amazing, Love it!
The Advent (Kombination Research) – nice & heavy duty.. Anonymous (MicRoCheep & Mollo Remix)
Erphun (Brood Audio) – Wrong Number\’s remix is fantastic! wow! great piece of electronica!

NFO – Upstrackt (Free Release!)

Get yo free on! NFO charitably gives away a really amazing techno tune, and Unofficial Records thought it was so nice we fixed some free remixes too!

NFO – Upstrackt FreEP – Unofficial Records by Unofficial Records

Creep Vision is staring you down…

Matt Busse and Unofficial team up to blow your techno circuit, and Brian Burger comes to melt whatever is left/// This is Creep Vision.

Creep Vision – Matt Busse & Unofficial – Out now! by Unofficial Records

Feeeeeedback Attack! what do the peoples think…

Chris Liebing (CLR) – Downloading, thanks

Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted) – Original for me !

Dopamine (Disconnected Audio – LOVE THIS!

D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix / Elektrax) – Like it, very deep

Markus Schulz (Global DJ Broadcast) – Thanks so much!

Axel Karakasis (Remain Records) – nice one!

Borvel EP – Kid Mistik – Out now on Unofficial REx!

Hey ho whats the dilleo? Kid Mistik brings his underground sound to your favorite Unofficial Records!!

Borvel EP – Kid Mistik by Unofficial Records

A-Brothers – Uff big sound! Bombing rmx too
Knobs – Dope grooooove love this shit
Static Sense – yeah, perfect ep!
MicRoCheep & Mollo – Awesome!
Forest People – Kickn ass music
Overlook Hotel – Damn Funky
Tonwerk – nice groove kid ! love the deepness :-)
Paul Laurens
UBB/ Phat Primate

So Serious EP – Static Sense. We are totally seriously people/

YES, OK, Seriously… but all jokes aside this is one serious collection of techno madness. Tracks from Static Sense, Antoni Bios, and Microcheep & Mollo.

So Serious EP – Static Sense by Unofficial Records

Some Feedback for your face…

Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted) – Original So Serious for me !

Sasha Carassi (Phobiq / Drumcode) – Good stuff,will suport

Slam (Soma / Paragraph) – will play thanx

Mark Knight (Toolroom) – WILL CHECK THIS OUT!

The Advent (Kombination Research) – fav Cracked Floor (MicRoCheep & Mollo Remix) thx

Perdurabo – Forest People

Hey you there! thats right we got more music for you, cause we’re a record label, and well that’s kinda what we do. SO this music, what is it? Techno by Forest people with more techno remixes from Unofficial and Jeff Rushin.

Perdurabo – Forest People by Unofficial Records

Now to the really fun part, SUPPORT!!! that’s right, there are other people out there that like this, and that’s supposed to make you like it too!

John 00 Fleming (J00F) – Bloody amazing!!!!

D.A.V.E. The Drummer (Hydraulix / Elektrax) – Cool tracks , full support

Flash Brothers (CR2 / Armada) – interesting stuff

Subfractal (Respekt / Sleaze / Brood Audio) – loving that jeff rushin remix

Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted) – Jeff’s remix is my pick !!

there’s more but you get the point…