Ivar Oh!

Ivar Oh! – Tales of Darkness EP is here. Ivar is back with two jammin tunes and float pulls a solid progressive trance refix out of his hat. Dance music for the people!

Just Released: Tales of Darkness EP – Ivar Oh! by Unofficial Records

Bjorn Akesson featured Stir It Up in his Threshold radio show, soooooooooooo check out here if u like! Here’s a Threshold FM

Ivar Oh! on Soundcloud!

Bjorn Akesson on Soundcloud


Ivar thrives in the underground where the music and people are real.

Look out for Ivar’s remix on the Fantastic World of Dub EP coming out July 26th on your friendly neighborhood label, Unofficial Records!

Ivar OH!’s Repeater EP Featuring rework by Roman Gertz. Supported by Dubfire, D-Ramirez, Ritchie Hawten, Marco V, Mark Knight, and many more….

Repeater EP – Ivar Oh! feat Roman Gertz RMX by Unofficial Records


Think of a gritty, smoke-filled club with no frills, just late night banging techno and early morning flowing progressive beats. This is the kind of place you will find Ivar Oh! dishing his tunes to all you late night folks. Ivar knows what the people want and he gives it to them in spades whether in the form of DJ sets, live performances, or flawless productions. Ivar resides in Sweden and is a common guest in one of Scandinavia's hottest techno events Club M.A.D.