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[UR] Featured Music

Each week we feature a track and mix that has been posted to our [UR] Group on Soundcloud.

If you wanna get UR music featured submit it to the [UR] SoundCloud Group

Massive ups to everyone that submitted music, and wether you are an established artist or just a beginner send us your music! we hope that you keep sharing your tunes with us.

Featured music Sun 18th July, 2010

It’s a new week and here is some new music, enjoy.

Featured Track – Timing (Unsaved6 Remix) – Guy Gerber – Unsaved6 on SoundCloud
Guy Gerber – Timing (unsaved6 remix) by ? ? ? unsaved6

Featured Mix – Dynamic Summer – DJ Zorback – DJ Zroback on SoundCloud
dj zorback dynamic summer (adam beyer,alex bau,dustin zahn……) by dj zorback

Featured music Sunday July 11th, 2010Super Feature: 17 tracks & mixes!

Thats right kiddies, since we took a little break from the featured music section as the UR crew was in Denmark, well we went overboard with this weeks selection because there was so much awesome material waiting for us when we got back! Many genres are represented this week so maybe you find some unexpected new tunes….

Anyway show your support for all these hard working producers/ djs cause love makes the music go round!

9 Featured Tracks!

Edge of Desire (unsaved6 remix) – Chris Allsopp – Unsaved 6 on SoundCloud
Chris Allsopp – Edge of Desire (unsaved6 remix) by ? ? ? unsaved6

Dirty Bonga (Original Mix) – Jigs – DJ Jigs on SoundCloud
Jigs – Dirty Bonga (Original Mix) by DJ_Jigs

Manifest Your Dreams – Diagnostic – Diagnostic on SoundCloud

Disco Thrills (Audio Dynasty High Definition Remix) – LBCK – Audiodynasty on SoundCloud
LBCK – Disco Thrills (audio dynasty high definition remix) by audiodynasty

Logic Sunny Day – Amartins – Amartins on SoundCloud
Logic Sunny day – final Mix by amartins

Temita – Carara – Join Da Beat Records on SoundCloud
Carara – Temita by Join Da Beat Records

Nuclear Tide – Ketracel – Ketracel on SoundCloud
Ketracel – Nuclear Tide by Ketracel

In My Mind – Vast Velvet – Decksharks Records on SoundCloud
Vast Velvet – In My Mind by Decksharks

Girl From Vegas – Sam Greycious – Sam Greycious on SoundCloud
Girl from Vegas by Sam Greycious

La Roq (Stumpkin Remix) – Jackiroqs – Stumpkin on SoundCloud
Jackiroqs – La Roq (Stumpkin remix) by Stumpkin

7 Featured Mixes!

Black Sound Radio Show #43 – Aleh Team – Aleh Team on SoundCloud
Aleh Team – Black Sound Radio Show #043 by Aleh Team

WYC Podcast 001 – Mynude – Mynude – Kemi on SoundCloud
WYC Podcast 001 – Mynude LIVE July Promo mix (29.06.2010) by mynude-kemi

LIVE ACT_The Bakery Podcast – Integral Bread – Integral Bread on SoundCloud
LIVE ACT_The Bakery Podcast (Fnoob Radio) June 2010 by Integral Bread

Beats From The Blimp Pt 3 – Daz Neutreno – Daz Neutreno on SoundCloud
Beats from the blimp pt3-daz neutreno fnoob.com by djneutreno

I Love Techno – DJ Zorback – DJ Zorback on SoundCloud
dj zorback (i love techno) by dj zorback

All Night Long 003 – Spag – Spag on SoundCloud

Day n Night – DJZ – DJZ on SoundCloud
Day n Night (DJ MIXSET) by DJZ

The Unofficial Records crew is out on tour so no feature for Sun Jun 27th, but we will have a double feature when everyones back so keep on submittin!

Featured music Sun, Jun 20th, 2010

This was one of the most difficult selections for The Decider, so many top notch productions and mixes. But a job is a job and we had to pick only one of each… So congrats to Glass Brothers with their killer techno production Pixelate, and DJ Zorback with his High Voltage Mix!

Featured Track – Pixelate – Glass Brothers – John Mag (Glass Brothers) on SoundCloud

Pixelate by John Mag (Glass Brothers)

Featured Mix – High Voltage – DJ Zorback – DJ Zorback on SoundCloud
dj zorback (high voltage) by dj zorback

Featured music Sun, Jun 13th, 2010

This weeks track comes from Michele Pinne (Submitted by Perifaire Records) who wrote a brooding minimal tune tied together craftily with a progressive atmosphere that goes by the title of Sweet Deep Dreams. The weekly mix is by Voodoopriester who has appeared here a month before, once again he provides us with an intense mix session this time featuring progressive techno. Enjoy!

Featured Track – Michele Pinne – Sweet Deep Dreams – Perifaire Records on SoundCloud

Sweet deep dreams by MICHELE PINNA by Perifaire

Featured Mix – Voodoopriester – 10 years USB anniversary – Voodeoopriester on SoundCloud

Voodoopriester at 10 years USB anniversary – Set 2 by Voodoopriester

Featured music Sun 7th, 2010

There were so many great tracks and mixes so the post is a little late again this week, but alas we have decided and there is now awesome music here for you, so lets give some props to Integral Bread for a very cool progressive tune and DJ Neutreno for a sweet techno/ minimal mixtape!

Featured Track – Nagual – Integral Bread – Integral Bread on SoundCloud

Nagual by Integral Bread

Featured Mix – DJ Neutreno – 02.06.2010 – DJ Neutreno on SoundCloud

Darren neutreno 02.06.2010 by djneutreno

Featured music Sun 30th, 2010

OK it’s that time of week again where we get to share some fresh music direct from the artists! Our featured track is way off the beaten path and not the kind of thing we usually have up here, but we couldn’t help but appreciate the artistic merit of 051R15′s track Apocalypse. For the mix we have Ukrainian Aleh Team with their Kiss FM guestmix with some really rocking techno sounds.

Featured Track – Apocalypse – 051R15 – 051R15 on SoundCloud

051R15 – Apocalypse by 051R15

Featured Mix – Aleh Team – Guest Mix On Kiss FM – Aleh Team on SoundCloud

Aleh Team – Guest Mix On Kiss FM (23.05.10) by Aleh Team

Once again so many strong submissions! Stumpkin submitted a fantastic techno set that we couldn’t help but rock out to and Alan Lockwood provided us with a track that was very original and funky and that is why they are featured below…. Show them some love and keep sending us UR music!

Featured music Sun 23rd, 2010

Featured Track – Sarigama – Moreno & Ferre & Alan Lockwood – Alan Lockwood on SoundCloud

Moreno & Ferre & Alan Lockwood – Sarigama (Original Mix) by Alan Lockwood

Featured Mix – Stumpkin Mix DEMO # 00ºc – Stumpkin – Stumpkin on SoundCloud

Listen To: Stumpkin Mix DEMO # 00ºc – Damned Sequel

There were so many awesome submissions this week (and some crazy parties which is why were late with this post, sorry!) Really cool mixes and tracks….. but alas there can only be one! DJ DiS’ Click Romance takes the cake for featured track as a slamming dancefloor tune and Voodoopriester’s Live @ BunkerTV 05_04_2010 made our heads spin!

Check out Featured music from Sun 16th, 2010:

Featured Track – Click Romance – DJ DiS – DJ DiS on myspace

DiS-Click Romance[Original Mix] by DJ DiS

Featured Mix – Live @ BunkerTV 05_04_2010 – Voodoopriester – Voodopriester on myspace

Voodoopriester – live @ BunkerTV 05_04_2010 by Voodoopriester

OK, so last week was more techno oriented, so now we have some more diverse selections starting with Lee Poulson’s smooth breaks tune called Metaphor and mix-wise we have an anthemic trance mix from Mark Schouls! Once again many interesting and cool tracks were submitted so thanks to everyone that shared!

Without further ado featured tracks for May 9th, 2010:

Featured Track – Metaphor – Lee Poulson
Metaphor (original) by Lee Poulson

Featured Mix – Evening of Trance Vol 13 – Mark Schouls: www.markschouls.com
Mark Schouls – Evening of Trance Volume 13 May 2010 (www.markschouls.com) by mschouls

These are selections for May 2nd, 2010:

SHow [UR] loVE!

Featured Track – Plastik Man – Spastik (STEEL Remix)
Plastik Man – Spastik (STEEL Remix) by STEEL

Featured Mix – N-dee & Tongangster 23.3.2010 @ Home – Dienstag Morgen gibts auf die Ohren
N-dee & Tongangster 23.3.2010 @ Home – Dienstag Morgen gibts auf die Ohren by N-dee83